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Welcome Hebei province vice governor Yanjun X


2nd stage construction of Kuwait Doha-link finished sucessfully


    On 20th April of 2017, the second stage of construction in Kuwait Doha Link finished sucessfully. 30 spans(60 pieces) of 40m box girders finished during this period and totally 86 spans(172 pieces) box girders finished for the overall project. 

       The 1700t L/G, 2*850t Straddle Carrier, 4*425t Transporter and gantry cranes supplied by Tolian palyed a significant role in the bridge construction and are highly praised by the onwer(KPW), constractor(GS) and supervision company.  

      Tolian jobsite team will come back in the coming days and after a short break, the team members will go to the jobsite again. 

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