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Tolian won the order of the biggest derrick crane in China


On 21th April 2017, Tolian won the order of 1100t*4 deck derrick crane from China Railway Big Bridge Bureau Co., Ltd. and the equipment will be used for the construction of Hu-Tong Bridge.

With a full length of some 11 kilometers, Hutong Yangtze Bride is a controlled project of Shanghai-Nantong Highway constructed as a highway-railway bridge and double-pylon cable-stayed bridge. With a main span of 1,092 meters, 4 meters longer than the world's longest cable-stayed bridge Sutong Bridge, the bridge has features of "high main pylon, large span and volume, new structure, equipment and materials". High main pylon: the highest main pylon (325 meters) of a highway-railway cable-stayed bridge in the world; large span and large volume: with a main span of 1,092 meters, the bridge will be a highway-railway cable-stayed bridge with the largest span in the world; with a main span of 336 meters, the specific channel bridge is a highway-railway steel arch bridge with the largest span among similar-structured bridges in the world; and the bridge's open caisson foundation is the largest deepwater open caisson foundation in the world; new structure, new equipment and new materials. After being built up, the bridge will become the world's first highway-railway bridge with a span of over 1,000 meters.

The 1100t Deck Derrick Crane designed and manufactured by Tolian is composed of hoisting mechanism, luffing mechanism and longitudinal moving mechanism. With the top safety protection device and warning device, each mechanism can ultimately solve the problem of overload, over-speed, drum over wind and out of luffing scope. The excellent safety protection will guarantee the lifting and erection of bridge continuously.  

The project is started on May 21, 2014 and expected to complete by the end of August 2018.

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