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Welcome Hebei province vice governor Yanjun X


Fight for 120 days to guarantee the annual target


On 8th September, 2017, Tolian held the meeting of "fight for 120 days to guarantee the annual target". This meeting is also the summary of the activity of TQC and No accident for 100 days. 

The meeting was hosted by the general manager Mr. Jinxiang Wang and all the senior executives, department managers and production team leaders attended the meeting. 

Mr. Wang summarized the achievement and we are glad to find a smooth and ordered contidion. The company operation is proceeded orderly. The company team is stable.  We already made great achievements in cost innocation and overseas market. We also have took the delectable achievement in safety production. Trough our continuous endeavor, we find confidence in our company and we made our customer trust Tolian. However, we still have to keep pushing forward the task of cost innovation, production management and quality management. 

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