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On 30th March 2018, 2:33 am, was a meaningful moment for TOLIAN.  The company have successfully completed the last span in the construction of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway Project (Doha Link) that link Sulaibikhat Bay and Shuwaikh Port in Kuwait City and Doha Peninsula. 

Over the last command from the team leader, TOLIAN Launching Gantry slowly and steadily loaded the last Precast Concrete (PC) Girder onto sea piers which marks the most significant achievement for TOLIAN in closing the world’s fourth Sea Crossing Bridge.   

1.0 Under Unforgiving Conditions

The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway Project (Doha Link) is located in the gulf of Kuwait. The design of the bridge uses PC girder ranging from 35 to 60 meters long. The total length of the main bridge is 12.43 km with the secondary bridge of 7.7 kilometres. The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway is the fourth sea-crossing bridge in the world after the Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana, United States, Jiao Zhou Wan Bridge and Hang Zhou Wan Bridge in China.

The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway features a long span PC girder that weighs of max 1,700tons.

This megastructure project begins from the inland deserts region of Sulaibikhat Bay and stretch across the sea to the Shuwaikh Port in the Kuwait City. The TOLIAN team had undertook the challenge in erecting a long span under complex geological conditions. The topology of the bridge is as below.

2.0 Engineering Excellence. Put Experience to Good Use.

Being number one in China and rank among the top three high end Bridge Equipment Manufacturers in the global market, TOLIAN engineered solutions to satisfy every critical aspect of the bridge design and provides equipment of divine craftmanship. TOLIAN endeavour to stand up to any challenge heads-on.

TOLIAN have a long history involves in the design and manufacture of high-end equipment. TOLIAN takes part in China infrastructure development projects in relation to the national rail networks and implementations. TOLIAN introduced the 1,700tons, 900tons and 450tons Launching Gantries, Straddle Carriers and Transporters that pave the way to the formation of new national standard in construction of the elevated high-speed rail line, expressway and bridges across China. TOLIAN dominates the market and achieves the biggest market share in China.

Under the recent ‘One-Belt-One-Road’ initiatives, TOLIAN plays an imperative role supporting infrastructure development projects in worldwide locations covering Singapore, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, India, Vietnam, Ecuador etc..  The equipment made by TOLIAN are exported to project locations outside China. They have been put to good use in whatever working conditions and geographical environments. 

3.0 Extreme Engineering, Chinese Pride 

During planning and design phase, TOLIAN has conducted extensive site and topographical surveys across the region. TOLIAN studied the weather conditions and carefully evaluate the client’s design concept which formed an integral part of site planning and design of equipment. This led to the birth of the mighty SWL 1,700tons Launching Gantry, Straddle Carriers and Transporters system. The use of large span did not only simplify the process of erection but also improve the overall project cycle time. Other obvious advantages may include using less labours and less weather dependent. The Launching Gantry is designed to work on small radius and erect PC girder of different lengths.    


TLJ1700 Full Span Launching Method (FSLM) Launching Gantry is comprised of two main girders over two span length, supported by the Front Middle Support (Front MSB) and the Rear Middle Supple Beam (Rear MSB) anchored to the sea pier. The lifting and moving of girder is done by the two winch trollies running on the two-main girders held together by two cross members, one at each end, forming a rigid rectangle frame. The Launching Gantry is also fitted with Front Auxiliary Leg and Rear Auxiliary Leg achieve minimum deflection during self-launching, and comes with the hydraulic system, electrical and control system, safety devices and a wireless remote console. The Launching Gantry can be adjusted to suite PC girder between 35 to 60 meters. The rotating joints on the upper section of MSB allows the Launching Gantry to negotiate through tight curves and bends. The Launching Gantry is a safe, efficient and reliable specially designed for handling a long and heavy PC girder.

 (2)TLC 425*4


This projects came with four sets of transporter of SWL 425tons each, working hand-in-hand delivering PC girder from the casting yard to where the Launching Gantry is located. These transporters were designed to suit six different PC girders. The transporters work in pair. Each pair moves in parallel and held together by a cross U-frame. The PC girder was placed on the cross U-frame during taxing on the bridge.    

The transporters have adjustable wheel bogies. They are fitted with transmitters to ensure two transporters are sync at each time. Also the transporters are fitted with the intelligent control system enabling the safe steering and upward and downward adjustments of wheel bogies, and to keep the transporters levelled at all times. (There was an accident where transporters were out of sync resulting in a PC girder fell out of transporters and crushed through the bridge deck) 

(3)850*2 Straddle Carrier


The two Straddle Carriers of SWL 850 tons are used for lifting PC girder in the stockyard and loaded them onto the transporters.  A similar setup to that in the transporters, the two Straddle Carriers were fitted with intelligent control systems to ensure they are synchronised. The two Straddle Carriers are designed to lift six types of girder of different lengths.

4.0 A Successful Ending for the Project

In every project, TOLIAN will send technical staff to engage in making ideas, solutions and technical proposals.  In Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway project, we were supremely confident that the equipment that TOLIAN made is safe, efficient and reliable.  

TOLIAN was race against time and to be recognised by our customers for innovative high quality engineered solutions and excellent customer service.

(1)On 26th December 2014

TOLIAN and GS Engineering & Construction signed a supply of equipment contract consisting Launching Gantry SWL 1,700tons (x1) , Straddle Carriers SWL 850tons (x2), and Transporters SWL 425tons (x4), Rail Mounted Gantry Crane  SWL 80tons (x2) and Rail Mounted Gantry Crane  SWL 15tons (x2).

(2)On 20th November 2015

TOLIAN completed the fabrication and testing of the Launching Gantry SWL 1,700tons

(3)On 17th September 2016

TOLIAN Launching Gantry SWL 1,700tons was successfully completed the first span which marks the beginning of the erection schedule

(4)On 20th April 2017

TOLIAN finished the second phase covering 30 spans, 60 PC girders of 40m girder. The total number of span erected to this moment is 86 span, 172 PC girders.

(5)On 29th March 2018

TOLIAN had finished the very last girder which marks the completion of Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway project.


In the spirit of teamwork and dedication, the TOLIAN assembly team had successfully completed 175 spans, 350 PC girder over nineteen months period. This is a significant achievement because the team outpaced the target deadline by a staggering two-month period. 

5.0 Exceeding Customer Expectations. World Leader In Heavy Equipment.

This was a proud moment in TOLIAN history. We were delighted to celebrate the hardworking staff who spent time at the job site, away from their families, to support the building of this majestic landmark megastructure project.

Special thanks go to the CEO, Mr Wang Jinxiang, who pledge to provide 100% support and guidance. Mr Wang led a team of high calibre personnel in problem solving and to support our clients to their best of their ability. 

A strong belief of “Customer First” our employees were trained to endure the unwelcome working conditions: under the scorching sun up to 60 degC and stormy weather for the whole duration of seventeen months, and to overcome language and culture barriers.

After seventeen months working on-site, the TOLIAN employees could therefore understand and speak basic English working with other contractors.

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