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Tolian won another order from overseas market


On 10th March 2016, Mr. Wang Jinxiang, deputy Genaral Manager of Tolian, Mr. Nam Gi Bae, overseas sales deputy General Manager of Tolian and Mr. Wonki Park, General Manager of Tolian Korea Branch signed the contract with Dongkuk Steel Group, Korea. 


Focusing on the business of steel, Dongkuk Steel Group has been actively developing in the field of logistics, trade, IT and equipment manufacturing. Dongkuk is ranked in the top 3 of Korea steel companies. Tianye Tolian won the order of 100t SPC. This places us in good stead for further relationships between Tianye Tolian and Dongkuk. This symbolizes Tolian’s steel mill equipment are well received in this developed country.

Tolian Slag Pot Carriers (SPC) are designed for picking up and transporting of the slag pots from electric arc furnace installed in the foundry for slag pot tilting and slag discharge. Tolian SPC are popular internationally with exceptional performance, supported by quality mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and advance control and safety interlock design for safer operations. Tolian exported SPCs of various sizes to steel mills worldwide covering Japan, India, Vietnam, Guatemala and Germany. Tolian can be build SPC to customer requirements with interchangeable forks or slag pot handling device. 

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