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Welcome Hebei province vice governor Yanjun X


Company twice yearly meeting - business performance review and future planning


Highlighting the company profit and development in quality standard, TYTL sets its goal to become the global market leader in bridge construction. We believe our success is based upon effective business management built on a strong and talented team.


The 30th July , our twice annual meeting concluded a strong first six monthly performance and lay down the foundations to continue to build strong links with a new emerging market


In the meeting, Mr Wang Wei,  chairman of the board delivered a keynote speech congratulating the team for their hardwork in successfully attracting new development equipment contracts to supply steel segment moulds. These will be used for making the precast sections for wind turbine towers, and supply of deck cranes. Mr Wang stipulated the importance of actively explore and improve our system, innovation and distribution performance, inspired the workforce in maintaining a strong momentum in delivering our continued objective to become the global market leader. Meanwhile, Mr. Wang Jinxiang, CEO emphasizes the importance of quality control, through rigorous inspection procedures, reducing waste and minimize errors ensuring business targets are met. 


Both senior and middle management alongside key consultant shared the strategic consensus to build upon Tolian’s success to date and continue to develop the quality and efficiency of our products.

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